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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 13, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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cuts and here they are, going through it again. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me. martha: "happening now" starts right now. jon: we win with -- we begin with this fox news alert, i'm jon scott, along with jane skin e. "happening now" in the terror investigation the fbi is conducting heavily armed raids in the northeast, including this one at a filling station near boston, the fed is checking out two gas stations owned by the same family. earlier, the fbi executed search warrants, arresting two men from pakistan. a source telling fox news the raids are the result of information obtained from questioning faisal shahzhad, the main suspect in the failed times square bomb attack. molly line is live in boston. what do we know about the places searched or the people they've picked up? >> reporter: yeah, the searches are pretty extensive today, they're searching gas stations, homes, residences, cars, so this is covering a lot of ground in brookline and
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watertown, a quiet community outside of boston, not something the neighborhoods are used to seeing. neighbors are also being questioned, associates, the people at these businesses. two of the gas stations are owned by the same owner, both of these gas stations in brookline, the owner is of lab knees descent. we have no reason to believe he's taken into custody. they're questioning, trying to find information about where money is coming from, following a lot of trails and leads, all associated with information that they gathered regarding the times square attempted bombing. the two men taken into custody, we're being told by sources, are of pakistani descent, one, piere kahn. according to a source one of the men overstayed his visa, the other had an order of removal against him, meaning the federal government had decided he should leave the country, so these are essentially immigration-related charges. the fbi also making it very clear that there's no imminent danger, no immediate public threat at
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this point. jon: when are you expecting more information? >> reporter: well, the fbi at this point in time doesn't have a scheduled press conference but we are getting information little by little from sources, and also watching this unfold, these searching unfold in these neighborhoods. jon? jon: molly line reporting live from boston, thank you. >> thank you. jon: "happening now" in the top box, attorney general eric holder testifying about the botched times square bombing, telling lawmakers the justice department is working in the fight against terrorism. jane: in the middle the massive oil spill in the gulf, now costing bp so far $450 million, and this all comes as we get our first look at the underwater gusher, and some new details on what may have caused this disaster in the first place. jon: in the bottom box, who's to blame for the death of this little boy? killed in a car accident, moments before the crash. police arrested his mother, but let her boyfriend who was reportedly drunk drive
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off with the child. the mother didn't tell the police her boyfriend had been drinking. it's all coming into the newsroom, breaking news from across the country and around the world. we'll have it for you on "happening now". jane: also we've got breaking business news, brand new jobs out this morning, the labor department reporting first-time unemployment claims dropped by 4000 last week, down to a seasonally adjusted 444,000 people filing for these unemployment benefits. fourth straight week that claims dropped. a sign the job market is slowly improving. economists clearly believe weekly claims must be below 425,000, though, to indicate the economy is actually creating jobs. president obama is taking his white house to main street tour to buffalo, new york this morning, departing from the white house just a couple of moments ago. the president is set to tour a manufacturing plant, hold a town hall meeting, talking about jobs and the economy. and some people in buffalo are using this billboard to send the president a message, it says dear mr. friend, i need a
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freaking job, period. started by a local businessman, a guy who lost his small company, just about 15 minutes ago -- months ago. also a video online, take a look. >> i need a freaking job. i need a freaking job. i need a freaking job. >> i need a freaking job. >> hey, i need a freaking job! >> i need a freaking job. >> i need a freaking job. jane got to love buffalo! major garrett has a freaking job, it's to cover the white house for us. >> reporter: in more ways than one! >> jane: you've talked to this guy behind the billboard in the video. what did he have to say? >> reporter: his name is jeffrey baker and as you said in the intro, he had a textile business, he said policies are shrinking, the ability to compete in the textile global market and the financial meltdown on wall street cut access to it, lost his business, lost his job. he still needs a job. his brother put up the money
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for this billboard. and he says he really wants to tell the president that he doesn't, that is to say jeffrey baker, doesn't believe what the president's agenda in buffalo is going to be, going to a frequentry, having a town hall meeting addresses those in upstate new york who like jeffrey baker needs a job, he wants the president to think about aggressive ways to create jobs. the white house counters with the creation of 290,000 jobs across the economy. things are getting better and the president will talk in buffalo about that he believes he -- about the steps he's taken to address mr. baker's concerns. jane: does mr. baker have specifics, things he wants the president to enact, to do? >> >> reporter: first of all, i asked jeffrey, are you an angry man, a partisan, he said i'm not angry generally and i'm not a partisan. he said i just want a national dialogue on this question. he said he thinks a lot of small businesses, a lot of folks in this country still are looking for jobs and simply can't find them, even
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though the job market is improving. he said if i would tell the president two things, it would be cut taxes for small business, the white house says it's been done to a certain degree and reduce spending in washington. it sounds like a nominally republican point of view, but jeffrey baker didn't describe himself to me that way at all, he just said i'm trying to create a dialogue in this country. i said has this led to people to call you and offer jobs? he said no job offers but hits on the website. perhaps that's a start. jane: did he put that billboard up when he knew the president was coming or had he known it a while? >> it's interesting, he had timed it for the tenth of this month and found out coincidentally that was the time the president was going to be in buffalo. they had it up because of his brother's generosity, so it's just a happy coincidence that the president and this message are getting quite a bit of media coverage. jane: major is at the white house for us, major, thanks. jon: we are finally getting to see what's happening a mile below the surface of the gulf of mexico. bp, releasing video of that underwater well, gushing oil, resulting in that massive environmental mess
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in the gulf. bp has not been able to stop the leak, but the company could be getting close to trying another capping of it. as we learn, there were problems before the rig exploded last month, killing 11 men. david lee miller joins us live from venice, louisiana, so what are we learning new about the investigation, david? >> well, you know, jon, success has many fathers but failure is an orphan and no more is that true than in this ongoing investigation. bp, the operator of the rig, the subcontractors, all pointing the finger at one another, saying that it's their fault. now, let's talk specifically about some of the items that are on the laundry list of suspected causes. shortly before the rig exploded they did a negative pressure test, i don't want to get too technical here, but this is a routine test in the drill pipe, they did the test two times, at best we are told the results came back inconclusive. nevertheless bp and others decided to proceed with the
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implementation of the well. now, there are a series of valves that are in place in the event that something does go awry this, is called a blowout preventer and now there are reports, this coming from congressional testimony and others, that the blowout preventer had a problem with its hydraulics, and that problem may have prevented the blowout preventer from cutting the drill pipe and sealing it off. there's also a report that the blowout preventer has a control pod, it's two of them, one of them we are told had a faulty battery. also to throw into the mix very quickly, there is a cement cap that is used in the drill pipe. now, one group, a fisherman here, is alleging that the mixture of the cement with something different than had been used in the past, and that, too, may have contributed to the problem. the bottom line? we don't know for certain, it could be all of the above, it could be none of the above. the investigation continues. jon: yeah, and meantime, the leak continues as well. what are they going to do next to try to stop this thing? >> reporter: let me show you what they're doing here,
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to at least try and mitigate the damage. over my shoulder, we're in a bayou a mile or so from the gulf, you can see a platform here on a dock, there are white sponge-like items, special absorbent material, sobs, that they're trying to take on a boat, to try and sop up the oil that is getting out beyond the barriers that authorities have put in place. but as you can see, this is literally, you might say, a drop in an ocean of oil that might be absorbed. and it nevertheless remains a very serious problem. what they really need to do is stop the oil leak itself, and what bp is now attempting to do for the second time is put some type of containment device on top of the leak. they tried it, a few days ago, it failed, now they have a smaller device, they call it a top hat, they
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think they realize what went wrong the first time, they think the smaller device is going to be successful. they've added chemicals to it to prevent the formation of ice crystals that caused the problem the first time. but that's just one of the methods that are being considered. very, very quickly, i should tell you they're considering something called a junk shot and this might suggest to you, too, the level of desperation that they are reaching. this is essentially as the name suggests a way to plug up the drill pipe with junk, in this case, they want to use shredded tire and golf balls to try and stop the oil from continuing to pour out. so far, not entirely clear when those two methods are going to be implemented. jon. jon: david lee miller in louisiana, thanks. jane: we're getting new information this morning of really this incredible story of the little boy who is the sole survivor of the terrible plane crash in libya. there are pictures of him in the hospital. wait until you hear how he's doing this morning and what
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do we know about the answers to the question most everybody is asking, how in the world did he make it out alive? plus there's an emotional debate over the death of this five-year-old boy. who's to blame? he was killed in a car accident. the guy behind the wheel, his mom's boyfriend, was reportedly drunk at the time. just minutes before the crash, police took his mom's keys away and allowed the boyfriend to drive off with this little boy. there are accusations the mother knew the boyfriend was drunk but kept quiet. >> there were three adults there, and none of them, not one of them, made an intelligent decision. kathy didn't say what needed to be said, the officer didn't pay enough attention and the guy who drove didn't say anything. >> we didn't even know what happened.
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jon: a little boy from the netherlands is beating owl the -- all the odds this, nine-year-old's name is reuben, he's the only
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survivor of a fiery plane crash that killed 103 people in libya yesterday. reuben was returning from a safari holiday in south africa with his family. he's had surgery on his broken legs and is said to be in stable condition. drns say he hasn't yet been told that his parents and brother were killed in the crash. officials cannot explain how he survived this kind of impact when everyone else on that plane died. according to an aviation expert, the idea of a lone survivor might seem like a fluke, but it has happened several times in the recent past. jane: a car accident that killed a little boy outside of chicago is now sparking outrage, a whole lot of finger pointing, and there are lawsuits. here's what happened. five-year-old boy, there he is, michael languageford was in the car with his mother and girlfriend, in the middle of the night, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, the mother gets pulled over, was arrested for driving without a license, she says she asked the officer to -- the police officer to let her
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drive her child home. that's not what happened. instead her boyfriend who had allegedly been drinking and by some accounts smoking pot was allowed to get behind the wheel and drove off with little michael. just about 40 minutes later, that car crashed into a tree, the little boy who was strapped in his seat in the back was killed. now michael's mother is filing a lawsuit against the boyfriend and against the police department. in the meantime, some are calling for her to be charged with child endangerment because they say she knew that her boyfriend was drunk and allowed him to take the child. mark horowitz is the attorney for michael's mother, kathy la font. what's your case here when you talk about it's the police officer's fault? explain it to me if you will. >> well, i believe first of all, i just want to say that my condolences to the family. this is a tragedy, and what i'm doing here is i'm just trying to preserve the rights of the family. what my allegations are against the chicago heights police department is they failed to act in not just a reasonable manner but almost
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an utter indifference or indifference to the little boy. you have a five-year-old in the back seat, there's a minor traffic stop that i still believe it was a pretech stop, meaning they were looking for the reason for pull the car over, they found out the turn signal wasn't working properly, they asked for the driver's license, they find it's suspended. there was no warrant for her arrest. the police officer must have seen there was a five-year-old sleeping in the car seat, of course it's late at night and every police officer wants to make sure they're safe and there's nobody in the back that's going to do anything. he then runs her license plate, asks her to step out of the car, and the next thing she knows, she's being placed into the police officer's car and then she sees her car leave with her five-year-old child and her boyfriend. jane: why didn't she say anything to police, my boyfriend is drunk, by some accounts, he was smoking pot. >> i guess here's the question: how does anybody except me and my client know what was said to the police
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at this point? i have not -- let me tell you, this woman, who lost her child, is in a near cat tonic state right now. but i will tell you this, at very least, she said to the police officer, please take my child home. now, police officers -- >> jane: is she taking any responsibility in this at all, is she sharing the blame potentially with this police officer who allowed this to happen? >> i'm not allowing her to feel any blame. she was driving and again, this is maybe a couple of unpaid parking tickets that lead to a suspension or not having your air quality team up or not paying for a speeding ticket. i'm not allowing her. i don't believe there's a case in the state of illinois that would impugn liability upon her. she went and did the responsible thing which is a boyfriend was drunk, he was at a party, we heard he had half a gallon of this and a couple of pints of that and maybe smoked some marijuana. she went and did the responsible thing, which was to pick up somebody. what if he would have gotten in the car and driven
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himself? jane: mark, the responsible thing, wouldn't you agree, that you're there -- she's there to protect her child, the responsible thing would be to tell the authorities that guy should not be driving a car, that's why i was driving, he certainly should not be driving off with my child in the back? >> and again, all we've heard at this point is the police department who have a reason right now, because i've filed a lawsuit against them, to protect themselves. and to say that oh, she never said it. we'll see. i've got a protective order that was filed yesterday in the circuit court of cooke county, asking for all the video, all the audio, any transmissions that were put out over the air waves. we don't know. we have a police officer's version yet. you haven't heard what my client has to say because i'm not letting her talk yet. jane: but you're not making the claim that she said to the police don't take my kid, that my boyfriend is drunk, did she utter those words, my boyfriend is drunk, don't let him take my child? >> at this point, i'm not going to comment on it, it's too early in my investigation, it's too early in the investigation. if there is audiotape i welcome the police department to give me that
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audiotape that says or does not say that she said that. i believe that she told the police officer that he was intoxicated. i don't think after arresting officers make an arrest they care too much about what people have to say sitting in the back of their squad car. jane: when there's a five-year-old child, i bet they do. >> exactly, when there's a five-year-old child. but let's just turn the subject real quick to the five-year-old child. no matter what, if i tell the police go ahead and you can take my car or give it to the stranger to drive my child home, the police are basically charged with three things or two things, actually, to serve and to protect. the protection comes not so much of the two adults but how about the minor child. that police officer der gated a duty that he had to protect a minor. that police officer knows the laws. if he's going to take that mother into custody over a non-- >> i've got 20 seconds. the computer is going to cut me off. i think a lot of people are asking should this mother at least be sharing the blame
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with the police officer who didn't recognize this. mark, we're going to have to leave it there. >> no, i think not. jane: we appreciate your time. >> i think not. thank you. >> jane: we'll follow up. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> i'm harris faulkner at the breaking news desk, want to let you know of a couple of updates having to do with the rbi raids -- fbi raids and their investigation of the times square bombing. word out just from the office of governor duvall patrick, here's what he's saying, he says he knew about the events that were coming down, quote, i have been fully briefed by our public safety team and members of the joint terrorism task force over the last several days on the plans for today's events and i thank all local, state and federal law enforcement personnel for their close, professional and effective coordination. he says the fbi, along with ice and the state police, conducted a safe and successful operation this morning in connection with
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the ongoing investigation of the attempted bombing in times square. we're also getting a new video, new details about this, and a new number for you of people arrested. what we're learning right now from local reports in the boston area is of two arrests there for these rides having -- raids having to do with the near bombing in times square from almost 2 1/2 weeks ago now. also, on long island, two raids and two arrests have come forth and i've got the cities, shirley and center reach. we'll push further to find out more details. the gas station they were looking at by the way in the suburb of boston, the owner, we're learning, is not actually potentially the focus of who they want to talk to. they've been sitting down, local reports have been saying down, with one of the employees there, and that's who they're focused in on. i'll get more information and update you as it comes in. jon and jane. jon: harris, thank you. the white house may be starting a national food fight, releasing a new report outlining steps to fight the obesity epidemic
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in the u.s., especially among kids. first lady michelle obama's signature cause. among the recommendations, calling on restaurants to serve smaller portions. they're asking schools to serve more fruit in lunches. it calls on the food and beverage industry to voluntarily limit marketing of unhealthy food to children. let's get into the debate now, jaibon sullivan, senior editor of reason magazine and carrey glassman is a nutritionist. do you think these recommendations go far enough? >> i think they're a great start. and i'm absolutely on board with the obama administration on this one. i think it's a fantastic idea. one in every three children is overweight or obese in this country. it's the first generation of children that may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents and i think obviously hitting the schools and getting healthier foods into the schools and also speaking with food companies to limit the marketing to children is
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an excellent idea. jon: isn't it their parents' job to sort of monitor the intake of what they eat? >> of course, parents. parents are the first line of defense. parents should be role models, parents should be exposing their children to healthy foods, but we know the tv is on. children are in the grocery store, bringing your kids with you to the grocery store is an amazing thing that all parents should be doing and getting them involved with choosing healthy foods, but when they see their favorite character screaming out at them on foods loaded with artificial ingredients and sugar and transfats, of course they're going to want to go towards those foods, so the food companies have an obligation. i mean, they should not be marketing those foods and using those characters to grab children's attention like that. jon: jacob, do you agree, should food companies not be using marketing and cartoon characters, that kind of thing to, market such foods? >> unhealthy foods. jon: let me ask jacob. >> let's try a quick experiment. ask me to buy you a box of frosted sugar nuggets.
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jon: buy me a box of frosted sugar nuggets, please. >> no. that's my preferred regulatory approach. that's the one i take when i take my daughters with me to the supermarket, they see something that maybe they've seen on tv, maybe was endorsed by one of their favorite cartoon characters and if they want it and i think it's not appropriate i say no. that's the function of parents. it's not as if kids see the images on tv, get in their cars, go to the supermarket with their credit cards and buy whatever they want, they have parents to supervise them, and that's why it's not as if they're being corrupted by these marketers. the parents are the ones who ultimately decide what gets bought and what gets eaten in that house hold. what troubles me about these recommendations for what marketers should be doing is that they are backed up by a threat of force. if you look at the report you'll see that it says if they don't shape up on their own which is to say if they don't stop marketing what we consider to be unhealthy products and start marketing what we consider to be healthy products we're going to force them to do so
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through legislation and through regulation, and i think that's a clear violation of the first amendment, and i have a serious problem with that. jon: they're already talking about doing that and in places like new york they're talking about passing a soda tax to try to cut down on the amount of soda that people drink. is that the approach you'd like to see, karen? glie think that's a great idea as well. i think if it's a deterrent for people to buy more soda, absolutely. and studies have shown that people in the low socioeconomic bracket did decrease the amount of soda they consumed when the soda was taxed. so if we can increase that tax maybe we'll deter more people. i have no problem with that. jon: jacob, your suggestion would be don't put the soda in the grocery cart? >> my suggestion would be that people should be able to decide for themselves what they eat or drink and it's none of the government's business. jon: jakon sullivan, carrey glassman, thank you. jane: a high school basketball team has now been forbidden from playing in a big tournament because, guess what, it's in the state of arizona.
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team members work their hearts out to gut into this turn yes, they're caught up in the political battle over arizona's immigration law, but guess who now says she's in their corner? let's just say she's telling them to go rogue. we'll update you. voters in utah this week tossed out a conservative, long serving senator, bob bennett lost his race. guess what? utah has another conservative long serving senator. he's up for reelection in two years. does orrin hatch look nervous to you? there he is on the hill. we'll ask him and find out his thoughts about whether or not president obama's crbtual judicial -- and ask about president obama's controversial judicial nominee, next.
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jon: "happening now" in the top box, afghan president hamid karzai is wrapping up a four-day visit to washington with a meeting with hillary clinton, that set to happen this afternoon. middle box, after the thai government warned it was going to shoot protestors in bangkok, there's word a general who was aiding the red shirt protestors was shot in the head, this comes after explosions were heard in bangkok, the city which has been the scene of violent protests over the last months. bottom box, good news on the housing front, where mortgage rates have dropped to the lowest level of the year. the average rate on a 30-year, fixed rate mortgage, 4.93 percent. jane: members of a high school basketball team find themselves in the middle of political backlash against arizona's immigration law. the girls varsity team at highland park high school,
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outside of chicago, worked for months to pay their own way, they were selling cookies so that they could play in this tournament. first time they've been able to go in 26 years. only to have the school district now say no, they can't make the trip, because of the arizona law. they're now getting support from former alaska governor sarah palin, she says it's wrog to keep the team off the court for political reasons. mike tobishin is outside of the school. now that sarah palin has spoken out, are people weighing in publicly? >> they certainly are. look at the cover of the chicago times, a big picture of the alaska governor, those are fighting words, saying the girls are getting caught up in politics. the girls on the varsity basketball team for their part say they just want to play ball. >> it doesn't really make me upset and almost devastated, because as it's been said, we just came out of a really good season, we were really excited to play in this tournament, and so like --
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and to like really compete with these teams, and it's just kind of devastate thank we're not allowed to anymore >> reporter: now, here at highland park high school, you've got a mixed bag of opinions from the students themselves. there are students who think the district acted properly in holding the team back, primarily because they disagree with the immigration law in arizona and they think it's right to protest. there are others who don't think that the basketball team should be mixed up in the politics. jane: mike, what has the administration said? originally they said there were safety concerns in sending the kids there and also that the law would not be aligned with our beliefs and values in this district, and are there any plans to fight this decision? >> reporter: well, they had backed off a little bit from that statement, saying it's not in line with their beliefs and plans. i got a statement yesterday from the assistant superintendent, sub hebson, who seems to be in the center of this controversy right now, posted it on, go there and see it yourself, she says a lot of -- a lot of it is based on fairness, the fact
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that they don't discern between legal students and illegal students and want everybody to have an opportunity to participate. the parents of the basketball players that's not consistent because they send students abroad for different programs and a legal student would have a passport and an illegal student couldn't go in that particular program. they also cite safety concerns and the assistant superintendent cites safety concerns an that's not consistent with year to date there have been 120 murder necessary chicago. so the parents are not buying the idea this is not motivated by politics. they believe the student athletes are caught up in a political game and are being used as pawns. jane? jane: let us know if anything develops, thanks. jon: right now on capitol hill, the senate judiciary committee is holding a confirmation hearing for president obama's nominee to the ninth circuit court that serves the western states, gordon liu, berkeley law school professor and has become a lightning rod of criticism, especially among republicans. let's talk about it with orrin hatch of the senate
11:38 am
judiciary committee. you have said, senator, you will oppose him today. why? >> well, goodman lii -- liu is a law professor but he's written some of the most off the wall things i've ever read and certainly has indicated if he ever got on the court he would be substituting his own preferences for what the law is and what the constitution means. now, of course he denied that when he appeared before the committee, but you can't deny it. he also said well, i've written what i've written and you know, i'll stand by it. well, if he stands by some of the things that he's written, they're about as off the wall, antijudgeship as you can be. he's a charming guy. jon: he has also said whatever i may have written in the books and articles would have no bearing on my actions as a judge. >> give me a break! i mean, he's 39 years of age, he's written all kinds of things, he's had very strong opinions. nobody is going to forget, i don't think, who is really
11:39 am
learned in this area how he came in and basically was very initem pratt in testimony against then judge alito for the supreme court and now even justice roberts when he was up for the supreme court. no, i don't believe that somebody who has written as initem praty as he has and as off the wall as he has is going to suddenly change and be worthy of being on the theth circuit court of appeals. this is one of the most reversed circuit necessary this country. there's a judge there who could care less what the law is and what the constitution says. he's so left wing and liberal, former head of the aclu, out in california, that he just does what he feels in his heart he ought to do. well, that's not what a judge should do. and it may be what a law professor should do, but that's not what -- not what a judge should do and i think good win liu would fit
11:40 am
into that category and i think that's not right. i hope i'm proven wrong by professor liu. he's going to make it through because the democrats are not going to vote against him but i hope i'm proven wrong. jon: real quickly, senator, i have to ask, you saw bob bennett, your republican colleague, go down in defeat in a utah primary. some say he wasn't conservative enough. they have criticized you, the conservatives who ousted him, accuse of voting for sotomayor and confirmation of timothy geithner. are you nervous? >> i voted against sonya sotomayor. timothy geithner, i voted for him because if we hadn't voted for him we wouldn't have had a treasury of the secretary for as long as maybe five, six months. that would have been very bad for the country at the time because of the economic situation we were in. no, i'm not concerned about it. i'm not -- i'm a tough guy, and people know it. they also know that you have
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one of our senior senators gone, most people when they know we're in trouble want experience there to help us to get out of that trouble, and i think most people in utah feel that way. and the polls basically show that except for one poll taken by mesa dixon a month ago at the height of the antagonism season, and that was not a favorable poll, but all the rest of them, taken by utah pollsters, have been very good. jon: orrin hatch, republican of utah, thanks. jane: we're watching this breaking news happening now, the fbi is executing raids in two states, new york and massachusetts. looking, they say, for people with possible ties to terrorists and possible ties to the guy, faisal shahzhad, who was behind that failed times square bombing attempt harris is on it in the newsroom. they have new details next.
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jane: breaking news, the fbi has been conducting search warrant necessary massachusetts and in new york this morning. the attorney general eric holder has been testifying before a committee on the hill, on capitol hill and has confirmed the raids, saying they are looking for connections to the guy who allegedly platted that failed times square bombing. let's get to tim gaughan at our assignment desk in the newsroom and has more. >> reporter: we're seeing quite a bit and just trying to put the pieces together. i want to follow this by catherine herridge and mike le convenience. what we seem to be seeing is the chase for the money trail, where the suspect got his money and we're seeing raids along the northeast. the latest pictures come from nwyw, fox five, flying over suf yok, long county island. all we know that raids are taking place in long island, search warrants are executed, we're hearing as many as two.
11:46 am
very few dea tails are available but live aerials from suf oak county, our guidance is that this the chase of the money trail, where the suspect got his money to try to attempt to blow up that bomb in times square. i'm going to continue to work that, i know harris is working other angles of the story and i think she's going to jump in now. jane: harris, when are you seeing tr your vantage point? >> a couple of things. the authorities are reportedly looking for a total of seven people and what i'm hearing is four have been picked up. you talked about the arrests in new york and two in massachusetts as well. just a couple of details about that. one of the men arrested was charged with overstaying his visa. we heard him earlier being identified, and he's been charged with staying in the country despite an order of removal, according to one source that's come in to us here at fox news channel. the other thing is that two pakistani men who are on the list to be arrested will be
11:47 am
done so per administrative charges and that means that federal authorities will be able to not advise them of their miranda rights before they question them. so administrative charges is going to be a key term that we'll begin to hear more about in this whole investigation, as we're learning. seven people total, we're told reportedly they have four. you heard tim say it, we're saying it, too, this will go on throughout the day, too. jane: thanks. tim mentioned catherine herridge, she's working her sources and we're going to be with her to see what she's been able to dig up. jon: there's no rest for the people in the plains states. one hundred fifty-three reports of severe weather yesterday alone, six of those reports involved tornadoes in kansas and oklahoma. the skies opened up last night over wichita, all kinds of havoc there. hail the size of quarters, rain coming down in buckets, on top of that, winds hitting 80 miles an hour. that made driving almost
11:48 am
impossible. next door in oklahoma, two truck drivers, a father and son, were parked at a truck stop that was smashed last night by a twister. they rode out the storm in their big rig but called the experience terrifying and life changing. >> next thing i know, the mirror snaps. >> it took out the driver's side window. >> antennaes were gone. >> blew out the windshield, sucked the paperwork out of the tractor trailer. >> i was praying a whole lot. >> i know it was probably only a minute but it seemed like it took forever. >> i had never, ever been more scared in my life. jon: you can imagine. tornado warnings and strong thunderstorms, popping up again today. a lot of red and yellow on that map, janice dean. >> yeah, and we now have reports of delays and even cancellations across the midwest, chicago's o'hare report reporting those, so if you're picking someone up or dropping someone off, you want to give us an update of what's happening in chicago? >> service is delayed today. >> sue skinner, she lives
11:49 am
that life. >> she's driving! she is saving money in this economy. >> my goodness. we need an update, miss skinner. taking a look at where we are seeing that heavy rain across the great lakes and in the midwest, there's chicago, some showers moving through that region, and the potential for flash flooding, flood warnings, up for much of the midwest, up towards the great lakes. then we're watching this line of showers and thunderstorms that could turn severe across portions of central texas. just a quick look at the severe threat today, again, just south of the chicago area, indianpolis, columbus, pittsburgh, you could be in that bull's eye for strong winds, isolated tornadoes as bell. -- as well. we'll keep an eye on it. sue, be careful picking your customers up. jane: in her suv. thanks j.d. jon: the 2010 mid-term elections could be bad for democrats. just how bad could depend on the man in the white house, president obama. karl rove will be along with his insight, live.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
jane: midterm elections less than six months away now. we've got new fox polls for you, this antiincumbent mood out there, already taking some casualties. according to the house minority leader john boehner, it's politicians beware, that's his quote, he says senator bob bennett found out on saturday when the veteran utah republican last his seat to a tea party candidate and congressman allen mollohan found out tuesday night when the democrat in west virginia lost his bid for a 15th term to a one-term state senator. karl rove is here, senior adviser to george w. bush, a fox news contributor, probably don't have to tell you that. good morning karl. >> good morning, jane. jane: you're a numbers guy. i want to put up first and
11:54 am
foremost, fox news poll, favorable opinion of president obama now stands at 53 percent, just last month, it was 50. it's up. how does it affect democrats' chances? >> it's still in the danger zone. remember president obama was at 54 percent in the fox opinion dynamics poll last november when the democrats suffered grave losses in the virginia and new jersey gubernatorial elections. and he's got to be significantly higher for the democrats to start popping champagne corks. >> we talked about mollohan and bennett. this is what one consultant said, the mood of the electorate is not antiincumbent but antipolitician and there actually is a distinct difference there and his suggestion was that bragging about your legislative accomplishments in this day and age, in this year specifically, is a mistake. i wonder what you think about that. >> i think there is some truth to that. if your legislative accomplishment is bringing home the bacon, getting earmarks, being part of the
11:55 am
culture inside washington, it's not a good thing. if on the other hand you're an incumbent who's running for reelection like say tom coburn in oklahoma and you've been the guy taking on the establishment and fighting hard for the things that people back home believe in, lower taxes, less government, more power to the states than to the individual, less power from washington, you're probably in good shape but i think that's truth in what that democrat said. jane: if i'm a republican candidate andure advising me this year, simply what is your message you would suggest i use? >> first of all, be true to yourself, because the voters this year are going to be looking for authenticity, they're going to able to sniff out whether you're pandering to them or whether you say is what you believe in. remember what's driving this elector dwrat and this concern about deficits and debt and spending and the growth of government and obama care. that's why two-thirds of republicans are very or extremely enthusiastic about voting and only half the democrats are because the issue agenda favors the center and right of american politics this year, not the center and left. jane: tim kaine, ted of the
11:56 am
democratic party, had said we learned our lesson from scott brown in massachusetts, and thankfully we learned it early in the year, he said we're going to be promotes democrats as the party of results and gop as obstructionist. does that message work? >> no, it doesn't, because look at the results. they passed a stimulus bill that didn't work, they passed in the house a cap and trade centering tax that -- energy tax that the american people didn't like, they passed a health care bill that's gotten less popular -- it was unpopular when it was passed and less popular today, we're in the midst of exploding deficits. those are not exactly great results to sell. and again, selling people on the basis of results says i'm in charge and right now the american people are frustrated most with people who are in charge, in charge of the united states government, and those are democrats. jane yain that is karl's view. tim kaine would say at least we've got something to show for all our work. karl, thanks. >> thanks jane. jon: if you heard about that plane crash in libya yesterday, you know there is just one survivor, a little boy recovering right now in
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
jane: breaking news we're watching i'm jane skinner along with jon scott. the fbi is launching raids in massachusetts and new york today in connection with the failed times square bombing. we're learning now, thinks a new figure that three people have been arrested in the greater boston area on what are being called immigration violations at this hour. the fbi says there is no known immediate threat to the united states. these raids certainly demonstrate that this investigation into who else may have been involved in the times square scare, this investigation is by no means only. catherine herridge has been checking her sources. a couple of minutes ago the attorney general, eric molder confirmed these raids? >> reporter: he did. one of the questions has been whether the suspect faisal
12:01 pm
shahzad had some kind of support inside the united states. we have two sets of raids in the boston area, and fox has confirmed a third person has been arrested in connection with those raids, and two other search warrants have been executed in long island. the attorney jenna short time ago told congress what was happening. >> several individuals encountered during the searches have been taken into federal custody for alleged immigration violations. this is a product of evidence that has been gathered in the investigation. >> reporter: what is clear here is that the suspect in the attempt on times square, faisal shahzad has been cooperating with authorities, though he was read his rights and this information that has led to the arrest you're seeing unfolding still at this hour in massachusetts and long island are connected to the interrogations, jane. jane: we are looking at live pictures from the brookline area
12:02 pm
which is a suburb of boston. catherine, what do we know about the guys who have been arrested here? >> reporter: well, we're just gathering basic information right now. what we confirmed earlier is that at least two of the three men who have been arrested in the boston area are pakistani, and that those two individuals were arrested on what are called administrative charges. administrative charges are essentially holding charges. what law enforcement will say is that these are like squeeze charges. they can hold people for an immigration reason but then they can question them in connection to a criminal investigation. jane: tim gaughan let me know we are learning the fbi is carrying out raids in camden, nudge. there are sthraoe states involved, new jersey, massachusetts and new york. are you learning more too about the suspect, faisal shahzad?
12:03 pm
>> reporter: i think one of the information developments in the case came from senator die and -- dianne feinstein who told reporters, he was on nobody's radar. that is a significant development in large part he was a naturalized american citizen. when you compared the attempt on times square with the attempted bombing on christmas day, in that case it was a nigerian suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab, you see one critical difference. in the case of the nigerian there was information sloshing around the system that nobody was able to really connect. in the says of shahzad what the senator told reporters is that there really weren't any warning flags, and that's information because this is the style of attack the members of the intelligence community have been warning about pretty vigorously over the last 24 months. americans, 20s, 30, naturalized
12:04 pm
citizens, clean become grounds. able to travel overseas and come back to the country with very little detection. jane: scary. let us know if you hear anything else. >> reporter: i will, thank you. jon: the obama administration is putting a sharp focus on afghanistan and general stanley mcchrystal is giving a briefing right now on the progress of that war live at the pentagon, this after the president said yesterday that she had hard fighting ahead of us in afghanistan during that joint news conference he had with afghan president hamid karzai. what should we expect to hear from general mcchrystal. >> reporter: a definition of what the hard fighting will be like in the coming months. we know that u.s. forces is gearing up to take kandahar afghanistan. there will be phrepbt deof -- phrepbt key of questions of how he envisions that taking place. we know general mcchrystal is
12:05 pm
the guy who sounded the warning signal, if you will, last fall saying to the commander in chief that he needed more troops. as we're surging 30,000 more troops into afghanistan general mcchrystal will be asked how it's going and where it's going from here. jon: what about the visit of president karzai and his whole government? is he expected to address that at all. >> reporter: one would expect he would get questions about the update following the extensive visit by hamid karzai. you saw the afghan leader trying to pay his respects to so many young americans who have given their lives serving in his country, trying to liberate his country. one would expect that general mcchrystal will be getting questions about his assessment, about how karzai's visit in washington has gone after what have been tense months between kabul and washington. jon: team us -- keep us updated
12:06 pm
from that news conference, thank you. jane: from the pentagon to capitol hill where elena kagan is for the second straight day. she is meeting with senators who of course are key to her confirmation. pictures here of her with arlan specker -- arlan specht tore. they want to know where she stands on the hot button issue of abortion. she has a limited paper trail, she has never been a judge. there are not a lot of clues out there. shannon briem has been looking for them. shannon, what do we know if anything about her position. >> reporter: this is a tough one. because of the fact we don't know what she would have done as a judge. she has made one donation as being identified as pro-choice. she's been critical of a 1991 decision that allowed the government to block any federal funds from going to abortion or abortion counseling.
12:07 pm
she wrote, in russ. she apparently thought at the time the government had an antiabortion pro-choice message and the supreme court got it wrong allowing the money towards abortions, jane. jane: how are pro-choice groups responding to her nomination. >> they sound guarded. we got a release from the national organization for women. it says they a plowed president obama's decision to nominate a woman. we will listen khaeufl lee to see if she will be a defender of women. we call on them to give her a fair hearing and look forward to learning more about her rights on privacy and the row v. wade decision. they are holding out judgment now. jane: some point back to a memo she authorized in 1997 when she
12:08 pm
was working at the white house and it's in regards to partial birth abortion. >> reporter: this was under president clinton there was an issue of legislation on a partial birth abortion ban. she with us a domestic policy adviser at the time. she coauthored a memo giving advice to the president. tom dash shell had authored up a memo that would allow a partial birth abortion when there was a threat to the mother. this is what she said. it will weaken your position and increase the chance that congress will override your veto. sounded lot more like a political khral khraeugs than giving us any real meat on where she stands on abortion. jane: shannon, thanks. jon: right now the owe -- obama administration seems no different from previous administrations, democrat or republican when it comes to choosing what information to
12:09 pm
release and when. some observers say this white house is using a different playbook when it comes to getting its message out. james rows even is -- rosen is live in washington. james every smart politician does his or her best to use the media to advance its political fortunes. >> reporter: i view the world in a nicks concentric prison, 's decision to become the first sitting president to appear on the tonight show we might say it had its origins in nixon's choice after his first appearance after his defeat for governor in 62 playing the piano on the jack parr show. as a campaigner in 2008 between senator obama made unprecedented use of the internet to raise money from small donors. as president he is still using the web and the news social
12:10 pm
networking media in a variety of ways to advance his legislative agenda. the latest thing was the nomination of elena kagan to the supreme court. the obama administration used the website to release a video taped interview with kagan which was one deducted by a whitehouse staffer. the white house press core complained but to no effect. >> they are doing a very a depth -- adept job in using the media at the white house. whether it's the website to their use of bypassing the mainstream media and answering questions and thoughts via twitter to their use of the photo sharing site flicker, to show the softer side, the more human side of the administration. >> reporter: mr. snyder who founded new media strategies gives the obama white house a c minus for the old media.
12:11 pm
thus the reason for their healthcare debate. jon: that is not limited to american poll situations -- politicians, right, james? >> of course we see all politicians trying to take advantage of the new media. we saw during the iranian street protests a year ago that the protesters were using the new media and the regime was monitoring them to try to contain those protests john. jane: harris has a lot going on at the breaking news desk. including the search for a college student who went out for her morning jog, did not come back. police are telling harris that this disappearance is suspicious. they are looking into her personal life to find some leads. uncle sam has plans for your money. the senate could fund new government spending, we'll tell you what it's all about coming up.
12:12 pm
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
jon: right now, police rangers
12:15 pm
and blood hounds are all searching for a missing ucla student. no one has seen or heard from 22-year-old nancy salas since she didn't return from her usual morning run yesterday. harris faulkner is here in the newsroom keeping an eye on it. >> reporter: actually her parents are the people who called police and they said, look she hasn't come back from chevy chase canyon, she runs there all the time. a 22-year-old ucla student. now their investigation has been reopened it today. they restarted the search about 45 minutes ago. they are looking at cellphone records and her computer for any clues where she might be at this point. her cellphone, her car, her keys all left outside her residence. she left the last time anybody saw her was at 6:30 yesterday morning, she said she was leaving for her usual run and didn't come back. i had two questions for police john that i'm waiting to hear back from. when you search for an a adult a
12:16 pm
few hours after she disappeared and put out the word you think it's suspicious i'm curious to hear why. jon: usually they wait 24 hours before they mount a search like this. >> reporter: an adult may just go some place. you're not a child. then the other question i have too is just is what that search is like that area, is it heavily wooded, are they paved trails? how do they know which ones to zero in on? right now they have a helicopter crew with scent dogs going in every direction. jon: harris faulkner, thanks. >> reporter: sure. jon: jane. jane: we are following your money as always. did you know that congress has something that is called pay go, or pay as you go, it's designed to make sure lawmakers aren't adding to the federal deficit. it makes sense. it's even something my husband is trying to institute at home. william la skwraeuz le u.n. esse
12:17 pm
people want to know why this is ignored. >> reporter: they adopted pay go prompting to be fiscally responsible. it means if congress wants to spend money it has to cut something else in the budget or raise taxes but not add to the deficit. congress has ignored pay go 12 times in the last congress and three times in this one by declaring an emergency and adding more than a till yan dollars to the deficit. the latest example of fiscal restraint is a $5 billion disaster relief. it includes a billion dollars to cover sell -plts for those who sued -d feds during hurricanes rita and katrina five years ago spending $130 billion for that. $600 million for summer jobs in this bill for teenagers on top of the 1.4 billion already a
12:18 pm
appropriated for that business and $680 million already spent for loans. >> there is no doubt that pay go is being ignored in this circumstance. and the way you do that is to declare an emergency when there is no emergency at all. >> reporter: unfortunately business is as usual in washington. the way to get things true is if you can get everybody to agree that it's an emergency you don't have to worry about paying it. >> reporter: how much will this emergency cost you? if you eastern under 15 grand you'll pay about 25 cents, if you earn 30 to 50,000 you'll pay 9 bucks. a hundred to 1200k, $71. if you earn 250,000 or above you're going to pay $700. you can also say on that website, and tell the senate what you think. do you want them to spend your tax money for this purpose?
12:19 pm
jane, we have already had about 6,000 people vote on a margin of about 94% say they do not want to spend money for this program. back to you. jane: william, thanks. john. jon: college athletes are used to having their fans follow them on the field, on the rink, on the court, on twitter and facebook. how do you feel about this? some coaches are paying spies to keep track of what their players are saying. is that a fair play or a violation of free speech? plus we've gotten new information from the justice department on those raids we've been telling you about, raids still underway right now tied to the failed times square bomb plot. an update on what is going on.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
jane: take a look at what is happening in southern california. these are live pictures from dana point harbor of a gray whale nicknamed lilly, i'm told this is videotape of lilly. you may know the story because we've been watching it for more than a day now. her fins and tail became entangled in fisherman nets. two teams, disentanglement teams from sea seaworld are working to free her. they have done so. lilly is free. they estimate she is about 30 to 35 feet long and weighs about 40,000 pounds. people had seen her and thought actually she was an older whale because she had so many scales and wasn't moving well, but the crews there now say she is actually quite young and that she had barnacles and things attached to her. so free lilly, she's free. we'll bring you more pictures as
12:24 pm
we get them. jon: good news. you go to the game to watch your team play. athletes are getting almost as much attention in a whole different arena. players posting their gripes, likes, dislikes, opinions, you name it on social networking sites like facebook and twitter, sometimes epl bar gassing their seems or schools. this has a lot of college coaches closely monitoring the web chat and if coach is not too hip to the internet i can hire someone to do it for him or her. joining us from indianapolis kevin long founder and ceo of due diligence which monitors college athletes on behalf of their coaches. what gave you the idea to do this, kevin? >> first i want to thank you for having me on. secondly, part of our whole operation is to help athletes protect their reputation and manage their perception online.
12:25 pm
the idea came from seeing a lot of tragic incidents in the media where college athletes were getting caught posting things that were problematic for their schools, for their teams and for themselves later on. our whole goal is to help that athlete after they get done with school to not have an image out there that an employer or the nfl or nba is going to look at and wonder about their character. jon: once you put that stuff on a website it's kind of there for all eternity. you can monitor it, you might be able to take it down but it's still out there, isn't it? >> certainly, that's a good point. there is always the opportunity tore someone to save that material and use it later on. but we're in the business of trying to help alert the student athletes and the schools as quickly as we can so that they can take it down before it does any damage. jon: all right, what about the privacy aspect of this? i mean it seems a bit big
12:26 pm
brotheri seu hi if you tell athletes they can't post such and such on the personal web sites that he maintain. >> i appreciate that question, it's a very good question, john. we are not big brother, we are big mother. as a mother we are helping take care of our kids and helping them understand what might and might not be the responsible thing to have online and we are alerting them to that so the schools can go out and mentor their student athletes to the point where they understand what should and shouldn't be done. there is clearly an educational component that goes along with the monitoring of the sites and that is to help them understand how to be responsible online. jon: kevin long is the coe and founder of u diligence. thanks. jane: we'll get to harris and tim in the newsroom in a few minutes to learn more about the raids carried out by the fbi.
12:27 pm
the federal budget deficit broke another record in april. who do you hold more upon, president obama or president bush. we will show you what brand-new fox follow numbers show. plus take a look, he is the smallest survivor of a monster storm, this little guy made it through a deadly tornado in oklahoma. we'll tell you who found him. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. up to 300 of those bottles can you believe how fast kids grow these days? that's why there's new danonino. new danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. yummy! new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow.
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jane: want to give you the information that ice is conducting in three states, a possible connection to the jailed times square bombing, these are pictures from brookline, massachusetts, a suburb of boston, that's a gas station where one of these is carried out, agents conducting sevens not only in massachusetts but new york and new jersey as well, the attorney general eric holder has just said at a hearing on the hill several people have been taken into custody on alleged immigration violations. harris and toim gaughan have been watching it. what do you know? >> reporter: we are actively pursuing all those involved, and in fact what we're learning, jane, much of the information leading law enforcement to certain locations in multiple states now is a result of information obtained from talking to that key suspect, faisal shahzhad, that they've picked up within a couple of days of that near bombing in the middle of
12:32 pm
times square. and so a lot of this information apparently came from him, and they are following both the leads from the evidence that they found inside that suv that was loaded for bear, but just didn't explode in the middle of times square, along with information they found inside faisal shahzhad's home and then from interrogating him. one of the men arrested, we're told, has been charged with overstaying his visa, so not everything has to do necessarily so far directly with this investigation, but it's interesting to see as they pick people up the charges may be various things until they press in deeper. tim gaughan, you're watching a lot of the acquisitions that come new york the satellite remotes. what are you sneeg. >> you're getting a sense of the coordinated efforts among the authorities along the northeast, and thanks to the fox resources we're getting a glimpse of the sky and what is going on. we started in brookline, massachusetts, wfxt, giving us a tip that the raid was happening at this gas
12:33 pm
station, and fly to go long island, they went out to long island where the search warrants were. now in philadelphia, they're joining the mix in cam deny, new jersey that a search may be going on there. a coordinated effort and thanks to fox we are able to bring it to you, now we've got to nail down what they're finding. >> reporter: >> exactly. we've soon the numbers change in terms of who was arrested and it is a fluid story, tim. i mean, we're, as you said, pulling it all together and hopefully we'll get a clearer picture in short order. thank you very much, back to you guys. jane: harris, tim, thanks. jon: before the break we asked you -- asked you who you think is more responsible for the size of america's decifit. we have a brand new fox news opinion dynamics poll out, it finds 51 percent say president bush, that's down two points from july, 27 percent say it is president obama. that number, also dropping since july. we're asking the same question of peter mirijanian, former adviser
12:34 pm
to the lieberman-gore campaigns and rick tyler, of revenuing america leadership and a spokesman for newt gingrich. one poll i wanted to throw at you guys, first of all, we asked the question, who do you trust, which party to you -- do you trust to handle the economy, which one would do a better job. 44 percent of those responding say democrats would do better, 41 percent say republicans. but if you look at those numbers, republicans are doing a whole lot better than they were in july '06 when we asked this same question. democrats are doing worse. so peter, how do you read that? i mean, the voters are saying that they trust democrats slightly more than republicans, right now, but the numbers seem to be shifting a lot. >> well, i mean, honestly, i thought that the numbers would potentially be a lot worse for democrats. i'm actually encouraged by those numbers. i mean, they don't seem to be -- there doesn't seem to be much of a movement on the initial poll, jon, from july until now.
12:35 pm
look, all americans are concerned about the economy, the unemployment late has lagged behind some of the recent good news that we've had about the growth in the economy. i think that how it will play out in this election year as you saw in owdz with senator bennett is -- in utah as you saw with senator bennett, a lot of incumbents are going to be on the line and i think people are frustrated that this recovery is taking as long as it's taking. jon: that brings up another poll i wanted to put up. we asked is the economy getting better, and here's what people said. 49 percent of those say yeah, it's getting better, 37 percent say it's worse, 11 percent say it's about the same. a little less than a year ago, june of '09, only 40 percent said that the economy was getting better. does that suggest that voters feel things are turning around, and maybe giving credit to the democrats in power? what do you think rick? >> well, things are turning around. economic recoveries are cyclical, but it's a little
12:36 pm
like sending in the wreckage after a hurricane and saying look, honey, it stopped raining. it's relative. of course the economy is better, but it's been terrible. but look, this period is most comparable to the 1981- 1982 economic downturn, '08 zero, '81, we started to have a recovery in '82 and '83, that recovery was twice as robust, it had job creation. we've had job losses. we were slaying inflation, obama is creating inflation, we were cutting taxes, obama wants to raise taxes from cap and trade to capital gains to marginal tax rates on the highest income earners, he wants to raise business taxes. we're doing all the wrong things. so you're not -- and gold is at an all-time high. people are moving to gold because they don't trust this economy. so i don't think it's going to get much better, and although it looks better now than it was, it certainly doesn't look like a road to recovery or that we're going to create jobs any time
12:37 pm
soon. jon: front page story involving other polls in the "wall street journal," it's right here, the lead paragraph, sentence in that piece, says "republicans have slodfied support among voters who had drifted from the party in recent elections", putting the gop in the position for a strong comeback in november's midterm campaign. are republicans going to eat democrats' lunch coming up? peter? >> i don't think so. i mean, i don't think the news is as gloomy as just described. those are great talking points, but i think there are a lot of positive indications in the economy that it's growing and yeah, the unemployment rate is very high, but there's a lot of people that reentered the work force are back engaged trying to get a job, which is why the numbers have stayed as high as they have. look, i think all incumbents are in trouble, i think there's a general sense of frustration, republicans, democrats. if you're an incumbent running this year, you've got to watch your back. that's a reality.
12:38 pm
i don't think people are parsing this out betweenand republicans, frankly and if the republicans assume it's an antidemocratic year they're going to be in for a surprise. jon: rick, let's get your response to something else in that article. the survey results for showing a strong showing for republicans but they also show voters were far more frustrated with government in general than by an affinity for the gop. that's your take, rick? >> i think that's largely true and the republicans need to lay out a new agenda to move the economy forward. look, i think getting back to who's to blame for the decifit, george wish besto bush left office with $162 billion in decifit, barack obama has a $1.6 trillion decifit. that is ten times the decifit. the economy is not recovering. unless there are jobs -- by the way, peter mentioned creating jobs, last month, the people who entered into the work force are entering the work force at rate twice as much as people who -- as they came job credit, so
12:39 pm
you'd have to create twice as many jobs to keep the unemployment rate stagnant. >> i hate to -- have i to interrupt. the doom's day scenario you're describing -- >> it's not a doom's day scenario. >> it is a doom's day scenario. the republican talking points headed into this election is are you worse or better off than you were when barack obama was elected. i think americans by the recent nbc news poll shows the president is popular and the fact is nobody is giving this the best effort. he inherited a bad situation. >> that's not the question. >> we have to take responsibility as democrats for what we're dealing with, but it's unfair to just throw out cherry-picked statistics and say that shows the economy is not improving because it's not true. jon: the president has more than two years before he's up for reelection. i guess the question is what happens in november this time around. >> that's right. >> i think that people are going to look at the economy and in 2010, we will have a mandate on which direction the country wants to go in. do we think government is the solution to economic
12:40 pm
growth as obama does, or do we think that the private sector is a solution to economic growth which ronald reagan did back in 1980-'82 which i mentioned earlier, and i think it's the latter. >> we're going to see if we get a senate finance committee bill on financial reform which i think americans want as well. jon: peter, rick tyler, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. gan jane we've got the latest on the high school basketball team from illinois with its first shot in decades at a big turn men. they're now being told to stay home. all because of the new immigration law in arizona. thousands of miles away from them. and everyone on board this plane that crashed in tripoli was killed except the boy you see here, a nine-year-old boy from the netherlands. how in the worlddy survive? often we have seen this, children have been the lone survivors. was it more than just luck?
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
megyn: hi everyone i'm megyn
12:44 pm
kelly, sarah palin joins us live on this illinois basketball girls' team yank ed from arizona over the ju anymore jaition law. she is fired up. hear her here. raids underway in three states in connection with the failed times square bomb plot. we're live on that news. governor mike huckby is here with chilling predictions for the democrats come november. a deadly allergy to paprika makes a whopper of a case. it's in kelly's court. jane former alaska governor sarah palin is blasted for forcing an illinois basketball girls' team to skip going to arizona because of safety reasons and political reasons. sarah palin said in chicago they should get the girls from highland park get to arizona, even if the girls have to go rogue. some of the kids and parents are upset. the same school has sent the
12:45 pm
kids to south america, parts of africa, even to china. host of the big john and amy show is our guest and nancy skinner is here as well. i have to clear the air because for years people have said there's a skinner, she's in chicago, we hear her on the radio. are you related? i don't think we are, unless you know something i don't know. >> i have the same question, jane. i think i know your dad, though, i think we met and i said i'm related when i need to be. jane: all for convenience's sake. i want to start with you nancy, defend this school's decision because i know you're out there doing that. safety concerns? >> well, i think they said it was because it wasn't in line with their beliefs. >> safety and it wasn't in line with their beliefs for the school. let's start with the safety issue and we'll get to the issue of beliefs. >> the safety issue, i don't agree with. there's nothing unsafe about that. but i think that's cough, jane, for we don't agree with this law and so we're not -- we're going to boycott this state and there
12:46 pm
is precedent here. back in the '50s there was a high school football team, catholic school in california who had two book football players that could have gone to the national championship, they couldn't take the black player so they said no, we're not going to go. jane: but they're not making a case of anybody on the team can't play. i mean, how is that analogous? >> well, because they don't agree with what the law passed in arizona that can pull anyone over and ask them for their identification papers, american citizens, there's a principle and they're making a stand on a principle and that's what we saw in the '50s when it was race and now this is about can you just -- our principle is you can't pull over american citizens and make them produce their papers and this school is taking a stand and that lesson for those girls is more important than them going to one basketball game in arizona. that they should know that that principle matters to them, and they'll carry that through their whole lives, not whether they won or lost one game. jane: amy, what are you hearing from listeners? i read that one of the
12:47 pm
mothers who said i'm opposed to this law in arizona but i still think it has nothing to do with my daughter playing basketball. >> it is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of for a school board to come out and say they cannot travel to arizona because of this new immigration law for safety concerns? come on. it's a joke. it is an absolute joke. if a parent was worried about their child going to arizona, i mean, we all go to arizona on vacation, we have family members and friends who live there, a lot of us have second homes there, if a parent is concerned, then it should be a parental decision, they should yank their kid from the trip but not the school, those liberal socialist, i should say, school administrators who clearly have taken a horrific stance on this and have decided to pull the entire team out of the tournament. nineteen trade shows have left arizona, the city of los angeles has stopped doing business with arizona to the tune of $7 million, and now they're using children as a political pawn to make a point. for what? jane: nancy, what about the idea of actually giving the kids or the parents a vote in all this, having a say?
12:48 pm
>> well, you know, just like the boycotts that amy just mentioned, you know, there's a stand to be made here. arizona made a choice. they didn't ask every single citizen whether they agreed with this and there are consequences for a choice like that. if you want to stand out as a state that's going to behave that way and that's your -- then you've got to accept the consequences. i think the school has a right. it's not about safety, that's bogus. jane: amy, last word for you >> nancy, boycotting arizona economically has nothing to do with the border issue at all. it is hurting hard working americans who are trying to make a living, provide for their families, and these people are pulling out and they formed a solidarity against arizona? what's our sister state, we should be helping people and i'm encouraging people go to arizona, if you're not doing anything this weekend, buy a ticket and go to arizona. jane: the assistant superintenre told isre the one who made the call on this, not the board of the school. amy and nancy, you can hear
12:49 pm
them both on the radio with this stuff in chicago. good to see you both. nancy, i think if you and i had been at the bier table -- dinner table as kids, you and i were sisters, we could have had a lively debate. >> yes, we would. jon: we are getting information on raids in three states in connection with the attempted times square bomb plot. three arrests made so far by immigration and customs agents. we'll get you updated.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
jon: a fox news alert, a top massachusetts law enforcement official courted to the associated press is saying two of the people arrested in those fbi-ice raids, immigration and customs enforcement raids, have a direct connection to this man, faisal shahzhad, the times square bombing
12:53 pm
suspect. the official says the men are believed to have provided money to him. the question is whether they knew what that money was for or whether they were just moving money as sort of a favor to this guy. but apparently, the transfer of funds is involved in the arrest of two of the three people who we are told have a direct connection to faisal shahzhad, those raids and searches are still underway. we will keep you updated on fox. jane the only survivor of this really horrific plane crash we have seen in libya this week is out of surgery, he is doing well, a little boy, a nine-year-old named reuben from the netherlands, was heading home from a family vacation in south africa, he shattered both legs in this crash that killed everybody else on board, 103 people, including his parents and his brother. is it a one of a kind miracle? not necessarily. take a look. this is similar to what happened here in the united states, this little boil,
12:54 pm
felicia shakan, the sole survivor in 1987 in the crash of a northwest flight, crashed into a bridge in detroit. how could anybody survive something like this in the first place? and these two cases are not alone, we have seen children survive in several incidences. robert mark is a former pilot, author of jett and anet hercins is with us, she was the sole survivor of a 1992 plane crash in vietnam. i believe she's on the phone with me now. can you hear me? >> yes. >> jane: this is the first time she has spoken publicly about this, it was very traumatic i. she lost her fiance in that crash. described what happened, you were not wearing a seat belt? >> we were in vietnam, traveling to a beach resort and i was claustrophobic because it was a small plane. i'm a bit of a rule breaker, i did not put on my seat belt and we crashed into a mountain, and then we lost a wing and then into the next mountain, so i went tumbling
12:55 pm
like a piece of laundry in the dryer, i reckon, and then i woke up, and everyone -- well, my fiance was dead. jane: robert, how does this happen that somebody can survive? we look at the wreckage from that plane, it is mind-boggling. >> it really is. and i think that it depends on your particular philosophy. some people might call it luck, other people might call it god. but statistically, no one can probably explain these anomalies. jane: we have pictures of this little dutch boy who survived. anet, i should point out you're dutch as well. there he is. he's said to be doing okay. has a couple of broken legs. is it something about children? >> robert, to you. >> well, i don't know. i think one of the theories, of course, is that when kids are sitting, they're sitting lower in the seat sometimes, that they're in a particular part of the airplane. it's statistically also been proven that sitting in the
12:56 pm
rear of the airplane is a safer place than sitting in the front. >> i was sitting in the front. jane: you were! isn't that interesting. that was in the front. eight days before you were found, anet, which is pretty startling. really quickly, i know you have a message for this little boy, because you don't want him to be hounded by the media. >> well, i do have a message for the people handling him. he's little kid, he just wants to be treated normal. his reality is waking up every day without his parents, and that is his reality, and people staring at him and treating him differently won't help him in the mourning process at all. maybe eventually he'll be proud of it, eventually he might tell about it, like my experience became beautiful in the end, but originally, you just want to focus on what's in front of you, and that is getting on with his life without the people you love. it comes down to that. jane: anet, thank you for sharing your story, the sole survivor of a crash and robert, we appreciate your time as well.
12:57 pm
thank you. >> you're welcome. [ female announcer ] the difference between men and women is women never stop moving. women get things done. and we want to look good doing it all. so don't settle for a man's brace or support. use wellgate ankle, knee and wrist supports designed just for women. wellgate. made to fit the power of women. wellgate.
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